Jasmine Dragon Pearls - Green Tea

A delicious green tea naturally scented with fragrant jasmine flowers. Only the youngest and best tea leaves are hand-picked and rolled. Jasmine tea fits any time of the day and paired with a spicy meal.

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  • The perfect cup of Jasmine Tea


    There is (almost) nothing more personal than the perfect cup of tea.

    1. Use a teaspoon, about 5-7 pearls.
    2. Add 250 ml of boiled water.
    3. Steep the tea and watch how the leaves open themselves.

    Enjoy and refill! By experimenting with the quantity of pearls you discover your perfect cup of tea.


    Extra information

    Jasmine tea was said to be invented some eight hundred years ago under the Southern Sung Dynasty in China, the motherland of tea, and due to this seems to be the oldest known scented tea.

    Fujin province, located in the South-east of China, is the most famous area where Jasmine teas are being produced. Generally, this is done according to traditional techniques and knowledge by scenting a green tea with fresh jasmine flowers.

    First from April to May/June, fresh tealeaves are picked and produced to a green tea which later will absorb the scent of the jasmine flowers. This green tea is stored until the blazing summer heat brings the jasmine flowers into bloom in August/September.

    As the sweet-smelling jasmine flowers only open at knight they are picked in the morning when they are freshest. The freshly picked flowers are then stored in a cool place until night. Between six and eight in the evening, as the temperature cools down, the flowers begin to open. Flowers and tea are then piled in a given ration with temperature and humidity under strict control. It takes about four hours for the green tea to absorb the fragrance and flavor of the jasmine blossoms. For the highest grades of jasmine teas, this process must be repeated as many as seven times.

    Due to the reason that the tea absorbs the moisture of the flowers too, the tea – which can be called a Jasmine Tea now – must be dried again. Usually, all jasmine flowers- having given away their aroma to the tea leaves – will be removed from the final product. However, to some kinds of Jasmine Tea some flowers are added again afterwards but just for optical reasons. Dried jasmine flowers in a Jasmine Tea are no indication for the quality of that respective tea.

    So, Jasmine Tea is produced from April until September. First green tea is produced during April to July/August, and then during August/September the green tea is scented with the fresh jasmine flowers. In other words, every year the new crop of Jasmine Tea is first available in October/November.

    The quality of a Jasmine Tea depends both on the quality of the green tea as well on the quality of the jasmine flowers. And must be kept in mind that a storm or heavy rains or a sudden cold weather period could easily destroy the precious flowers of a whole jasmine garden. If such bad thing happens, tea lovers all over the world have to wait for their fresh Jasmine Teas until the jasmine bushed bloom again… And, where jasmine bushes grow and bloom, the evening air is filled with their delicate fragrance.



    China, Fujian

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  • Elaine 16-02-2018 01:01

    Deze geproefd bij the Tiger Club in Breda en ik ben er helemaal verliefd op!

    Lia coresten 11-01-2016 09:29

    De jasmijn parels zijn super! Makkelijk te gebruiken een smaak heerlijk! Ik drink het op werk!

    Fei 15-12-2015 09:52

    Heerlijke lichte thee! Ik heb hem 3 keer bijgevuld en de smaak bleef sterk en lekker. Ook de vorm is bijzonder en bezoek maakt er altijd een leuke opmerking over. Aanrader!

    MayHua 10-12-2015 20:54

    Een heerlijke groene thee met een krachtigere smaak dan Silver Needle, wat mij betreft nummer 2.

    4.75 stars based on 4 reviews
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