Matcha, superior green tea

Matcha, superior green tea

Superior Japanese Green Tea

The green tea comes from small tea fields in Kyoto province and is still processed the traditional way. In early spring the tea plants (Camellia sinensis) are shaded, for two to six weeks, depending on the intended quality. The bright green leaves are picked by hand, leaves are dried, the veins are removed and once this is done very finely ground using granite millstones. The powder is sterilized briefly, magnets remove the remaining impurities and finally packed in a beautiful can. Now the matcha is ready!

Min: €0 Max: €50

Matcha Set, Superior Matcha & Chasen

This set includes a tin of Superior Matcha (30g) of choice, a bamboo whisk and a bamboo spoon. You have everything you need to prepare your daily matcha.

€34,95 €29,95

Matcha Ceremonial

Mr & Mrs Tea ceremonial matcha is an excellent choice if you want to start with matcha. The powder has a rich green color, it is a mild green tea with an aromatic taste and comes from the Uji region near Kyoto.


Matcha Premium Ceremonial

This is a great matcha to drink daily, in Japan it is often used during the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Cha-No-Yu).


Matcha Hyper Premium

The umami flavor of Hyper Premium Matcha is unique in the world. You should take your time to enjoy it to the max.


Chocolate Matcha Mini Marbles

Uji matcha was lavishly used in combination with creamy, fine chocolate.


Bamboo matcha whisk

Handmade bamboo whisk to prepare matcha tea the traditional way.


Matcha Bowl

Authentic porcelain matcha bowl from Japan.


Matcha set (4 pieces)

Matcha set has all the accessories you need to prepare matcha the traditional Japanese way.

€46,75 €42,80

Whisk holder-Kusenaoshi

Japanese whisk holder (kusenaoshi) for storing the bamboo matcha whisk (chasen).


Bamboo Matcha scoop - Chashaku

Bamboo matcha scoop, antistatic, for scooping up the right amount of matcha.


matcha spoon

Matcha spoon for exactly one cup of matcha.

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